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social media marketing is not a game

Social Media Is Not Game1  The social media marketing is an evolution. It’s a different way to increase your sales (although in social media as I mentioned earlier sake is not sales, but the interactivity, engagement with the target audience and creating community), so there are some things you should keep in mind …

1. Do not overdo it.

2. Respect your network.

3. Share valuable content occasionally and have your ears open.

3 These instructions will give you a pretty solid social media marketing strategy. Read them again because I see too many companies that do not compute.

If you ignore these guidelines at your own risk, your efforts will probably fail.

Do not overdo it

If you make too many posts per day overdo it.

I have seen many owners of small businesses begin to increase their followers and fans, to get some answers and initial engagement and then be really excited. This is natural, when building a business every bit of positive feedback and feedback is exciting!

But in social media, less is often more. The goal is to keep in touch with your contacts and gain their trust over time. Want to remember you and be receptive to what you have to share or say, being able to develop a relationship with them and eventually win them or even get recommendations from the moment you trust.

But guess what happens when “bombarded” with several updates every day?

Would you block or remove you from their contacts.

Give value to your network

Remember that old saying, we have two ears but one mouth? Just what I want to emphasize if you have something noteworthy to share, then you probably should not post it.

Remember, social media marketing is not the same as to make sharing cute pictures with your friends on Facebook as many think. Are you a professional who tries to sell a product or service and you need to work on building trust and we must take seriously.

So why upset and destroy all your hard work, not knowing the right strategy for your business?

So stop and think about what you are doing before you act.


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