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social media and b2b

social media marketing1  Very often we hear people say, “Why bother with social media for B2B (business to business) our campaigns?”. It is harder to social media to ‘run’ from the B2C (business to consumer); Surely many may see this wonderful “source” of information called social media (social media) and yearn to ‘try’ but thinking it is very difficult to reach out to leave .. Maybe you posted some posts or tweets, but not the response you would like and feel completely lost on how to influence social media and reach other businesses?

These are just a few signs to understand that you must change your social presence in social media, but also to plan better so entering the B2B world.

We say that the use of social media marketing is an integral part of any modern strategic marketing. You can promote your business and increase your contacts and so your potential customers while creating legibility of the brand or your business is easier and more targeted than ever. Using social media services for B2B (companies or brands interact with each other) which is not very different from B2C (companies transact with consumers), but other strategies need to be implemented.

B2B target audience

The first thing you should do when analyzing your B2B strategy is to find out what the target audience. And even easier place to find it is to:
Investigate what your competitors are doing. Who is more popular in your area, see who have accounts on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. Search all your potential customers by marketing directors and CEOs to clerks and doormen does not matter. Find them online hangouts, use the search tools on sites like LinkedIn and Twitter to learn more about them.
When you find them, it’s time to do some spying: you should watch some discussions in various social media. Do not spamming the latest articles in your twitter? Develop some acquaintances through online hangouts and slowly expand your pocketbook. Be sure to find out from google that being said about your company.

How to take your B2B messages

A big part of social media-social media offers free information about B2B. Give them value for you below. A good idea is to collect reports of presentations, events, and anything that could make them miracle and upload them to social media accounts you have. Joins groups on linkedin and start the discussions, answering questions to show the value of your work.

These are just a few tips on how you can change your social presence in social media to be up and running in the B2B world.

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